Wednesday, 25 July 2007

A bunch of almosts

It's Wednesday.
The middle of the week.
The day before pay day.
A week and a half of no daily phone calls with my sister while she's in Europe. Three and a half weeks to go.

The world is a very different place when you can't chat about inane stuff several times a day with your sister while she's building a train or dancing to the Wiggles on the other end of the phone. I miss that.

It's a thrill a minute around here, isn't it? I did manage to get home in daylight today, although it vanished by the time I'd come in, hung up my coat and established I don't feel like cooking dinner tonight. Dinner will arrive home shortly in a selection of a plastic containers and if I'm lucky, will include some duck and some noodles. I didn't get that last week when I was waiting for Sean to get home on his allotted cooking night. Maybe tonight. I can but hope.

So, onto knitting.

Those of you have been here since January this year must be longing for the day I put the steeked jacket down for good. Yes? You will be pleased to know I've spent the last three nights solely on the jacket sleeve.

See! It's almost a sleeve.

The purple yarn shows my progress since Monday.

By day, on the bus, I work on socks or scarves. Here's an almost sock.

This is the first of a patonyle basic rib sock which will be gifted some time down the track. Anyone got any idea how to stop that little hole that develops at the start of the gusset?

I've enjoyed the break from more complex socks but God I'm itching to make something with lace. Next. Amy in Rhode Island will recognise this patonyle as the same that I sent to her.

Here is almost another Yarn Harlot One Row Scarf, just like the malabrigo one I made a month or so ago.

This is made from Patons Shadow Tweed which is not unlike malabrigo in its plush softness. It's go that cotton wool feel that I fell in love with in the malabrigo. It's a gift that's due in a few weeks but so far, less than a week and I've over half way.

Yesterday at work we had a fire drill, scheduled, and I took this scarf with me. I was talking to my boss for a good fifteen minutes before he realised what I was doing. I think I must knit around him enough now that he doesn't even notice it as odd.

And finally, for anyone who is afraid to try socks, or who thinks they're not ready yet, check out my friend Tanya. The words 'over achiever' do spring to mind (in the most admiration filled way, you understand, Tanya) when I see that in just a fraction over two months since she first emailed me and said maybe she'd like to try knitting, she's already made her first sock. It's wonderful to see. She even bought her first Knit Picks DPNs yesterday. So now, as if we didn't have enough in common with a shared love of cooking, red wine, Jane Austen and British Comedy, we can now talk for hours about knitting. I couldn't be happier!