Monday, 23 July 2007

Workshops Galore

On the weekend I attended two workshops as part of the Knit1Blog1 exhibition, which is being held here.

I was there to learn how to make a Short Circuit Scarf, a design by our very own Taphophile. It was conducted by Jejune. We all showed up on a foggy Sunday morning at around 10am and set about learning to make these.

Here is Jejune instructing us.

In the green jumper near the front is Barb, curator (is that what we call you, Barb?) of the exhibition. With Jejune is Diana, who bravely came along to learn not just how to do the scarf (lots of short row shaping) but to actually learn to knit!

Here's the start of my scarf and it's resting on a gift I got from Jejune for my birthday recently. She had one of her knitting paintings made into a journal style book which is my new knitting journal. As well as her own shop, you can also get her work from her Cafe Press store. That one would be easier for the international readers.

Here's another shot of the journal, this time with my sock wool and needles for the next workshop. I love Jejune's work and love promoting it. Anyone I'm in a swap with any time soon will get one of her cards in with the swap stuff!

Here are some happy sock knitters. Left to right, Purple Purl, Nette and George.

Under Happy Spider's careful guidance, participants who didn't know how to turn a heel learned to do so, and if you knew how to do that already, you learned some other useful tips to fine tune your skills.

And to promote another friend's work, here's some of Happy Spider's gorgeous hand dyed yarn.

Twas a lovely morning. Thanks Happy Spider and Jejune. You guys rock.