Thursday, 12 July 2007

I am a lucky girl

I like to think that my birthday celebrations began last weekend when my sister was here and she gave me my first present. That kicked proceedings off nicely.

Despite being somewhat bummed about now being in my mid-30s (well, not technically until tomorrow), I'm not going to let that get in the way of having a damn good time.

So here's a little parade of a few of the things I've been lucky enough to receive so far.

My sister bought me a beautiful jewellery stand. You can't quite see in the photo but her dress is a very pretty pale green.

The wonder of this has revealed itself well and truly since she arrived. I can FIND my earrings in the morning. No more rifling through a bowl for a pair. They hang there now, so easy to find. I think I need more earrings. Sean...? Are you reading???

Next, my mum, who does lovely quilting, gave me a lap rug.

Lots of lovely colours in it that are very me - reds and greens. I am grateful for the warmth of a lap rug in this chilly Canberra winter.

A couple of parcels arrived in the mail this week and I exercised impressive restraint by not opening them. Actually, Sean said I had to wait. For some reason I did as i was told, until tonight. I thought he had agreed to let me open both but after opening one, he said that was it. I had to save the second, which is from Carol (who is on a total beanie kick right now) until my actual birthday. Poohead.

The gift I opened was from none other than RoseRed and it was all so prettily wrapped in red or purple paper (there was more than one package!) that I had to call and be on the phone while I opened it all. Well, who wouldn't call? I mean, really?

Check this out.


I was literally bemoaning the lack of red yarn in my stash, and particularly red sock yarn, just a day or so ago. She must have been giggling at her cleverness, knowing she'd posted some to me that day.

These are so going to be for me. No gift socks will be made from this yarn. No siree!

Please note also that the koigu is nicely packaged in a Gladbag. In case you missed it, RoseRed displayed her supreme organisational skills in a highly amusing and informative tutorial on storing yarn in Gladbags earlier this week. Check it out. I'm sure you'll agree that we are not worthy.

And here's a bundle of other goodies RoseRed was sweet enough to send. Books! Chocolate! Oh wow. Obviously, the Yarn Harlot's book needs no introduction here. You rock RR! The other book is called 'I Like You' by Amy Sedaris. I've not heard of it but as a guide to entertaining that looks hilarious, you can't go wrong. I'm not the most capable hostess, so this is most appreciated. No more faux pas (what's the plural of that?) or disastrously cringe worthy social occasions for moi!

I am indeed a lucky girl. I know such wonderful people!

I believe tomorrow, Sean might well have a set of Knit Picks Options for me. But I can't say for sure. I gave him the place to go get them at a discount. The rest was up to him.

And speaking of Donyale (she who sells knitpicks at a discount) go there if for no other reason than to read the most hilarious story about her little boy and his thoughts on boy and girl parts. When I read it at work today (RoseRed alerted me to it) I giggled all afternoon.

Tomorrow is the opening of the KnitBlog1 Exhibition. Should be a great evening! Can't wait to see everyone's work up and on display. I think we're all just hoping Lulu doesn't hit the champagne too early.

To bed, to bed sleepy head.