Saturday, 14 July 2007

A tale of knitting needles and caviar

Yesterday was a great day, for a Friday the 13th. A birthday and exhibition all rolled into one.

The day began extremely well with Sean presenting me with my very own Knit Picks Options set, which Donyale had kindly put some little extras in for me. Oh they are so lovely! I sat in bed for some time assembling the kit, playing with the little keys, looking at the pretty purple cables. I can't wait to use them!

I don't know if anyone remembers, but I have a thing for Junior Mints, which I always thought were hard to find, given they're not Australian. Sean surprised me with a massive box of the buggers which I have managed not to devour yet. Incredible.

While I was playing with the knit picks set, he was banging around in kitchen making a surprise Friday-morning-before-work-birthday-breakfast for me - totally unexpected - which included smoked salmon AND caviar on scrambled eggs. Somehow he had snuck all the goodies into the house on Thursday night and the caviar sat on the bench for some time before I noticed it during the cooking frenzy. Well, a girl just doesn't expect to see caviar on her kitchen bench, does she?? So she could be forgiven for looking right past it. I felt truly spoiled and loved. Knitting needles and caviar makes for a splendid start to a birthday.

And last night was of course the Knit1Blog1 exhibition opening. What a fabulous event Craft ACT put on. There was a massive turn out, which may not have been comprised entirely of family we each dragged along. I took some photos but given the lighting and the crowd, they don't do the display justice. So I'm heading back this afternoon with my sister and possibly Ailsa, who is in town, to check it out sans crowds and get some better shots. For anyone who's wondering about taking photos, I spoke with Barb and it's absolutely fine to do so.

I was so proud to be part of it. There was so much beautiful work there and Barb and her colleagues have done an incredible job of putting it all together.

I also managed to snap up some of Jejune's beautiful knitting cards that were on sale there. They're brand new and so fantastic. I believe she's going to have them on sale via her blog shortly and I really recommend them.

She paints beautiful, delicate scenes of either yarn or knitting on the needles against backdrops of lace and antique teacups. They're stunning and deserve loads of adoration and purchasing! I'll be sure to let you all know when the cards themselves are available from her shop.