Sunday, 22 July 2007

I'll show you who's boss

Jejune gave me a pep-talk yesterday on the steeked jacket. I was talking about casting on a lace project I've been lusting after and she said maybe I should just sort out the jacket sleeve a little bit to show it who's boss, because I literally haven't touched it in about a fortnight.

I inwardly stomped my feet and said no way, not yet.

Then last night, during Dr Who, I ripped the sleeve back to the elbow, endured the painfully slow process of picking up all those stitches, cursing the fact that the floats at the back make this really difficult sometimes, and then I was on my way.

I am in control. It used to look like this -

Now it's about half that length. It'll grow again.

I have also tidied my dining table (we ate dinner on it like civilised people last night!), my coffee table is clear and the dust on my bedhead really will be gone by the end of the weekend.

Today I am doing two workshops as part of the Knit1Blog1 exhibition. One on socks and one on making a short row scarf. I'm going out and leaving my husband and father in law to do whatever blokey jobs around the house they've got in mind for today.

I shall return with stories and photos.

Now I'm going to have a second cup of tea and wake up.