Wednesday, 4 July 2007


As previously mentioned, I, like a number of other bloggers, have snapped up the chance to be part of the Knit1Blog1 exhibition that will be opening next Friday in Canberra.

I went along today with Olivia of the beautiful felted pods and bowls to leave our work in Barb's capable hands. Olivia entered a staggering array of felted vessels which I'm sure are going to amaze the visitors to the show.

We saw the space, still under construction, in the Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre and Barb talked us through how it'll all happen. It's quite exciting, I think and kind of weird to find myself suddenly part of an art exhibition. What Barb and her colleagues are doing is really lovely. We're getting a chance to show how much we love what we do.

So, what have I entered?


I've submitted my Purple Monkey socks (newly blocked on the blockers Sean so kindly made for me) and the body of my steeked jacket. Since the exhibition is about knitters and blogging, and knit-blogging is about, in part, the process, it seemed fitting to enter a piece that is both a work in progress and which came about because of this community we're all part of.

Without Julie and her skills and desire to share those skills, I wouldn't be in the middle of such a fun and challenging project like the steeked jacket. So, cheers Julie. When I have a glass of bubbly on the night of the opening, I'll drink to you.

I'm going to miss the body of the jacket. It's been part of the landscape of my living room since January and to not have it here feels weird. At least I have the sleeves.

Which brings me to my next bit of news.

In the 'Encourage Bells to finish the sleeves' drive, the lovely RoseRed sent me an Addi Turbo lace circular today. You rock, RoseRed. Thank you! And happy blogiversary! One year of great blogging!! Hooray! Check her out, if you haven't before, and say hi because she's giving away some fabulous goodies at the moment if you leave a comment.

And just in case you're wondering, I'm doing really well on the steeked jacket sleeve - which I plan to have finished by July 13. I've done about 10cm in the last couple of days and am well over the elbow now. I'm flying!