Sunday, 8 July 2007

The good and the bad

I haven't blogged since Wednesday. How unlike me. I've been busy.

Thursday night was SnB - a big, loud and fun night with lots of newbies. At SnB I worked out that I'd potentially screwed up Sean's second sock. I'm not even going to discuss it right now. I can't bear the thought. When I can, I'll graft the toe and see if it fits him.

This is the first bad news, knitting wise. But I'll get to the rest later.

On Friday, my sister and my nephew arrived to collect me from work at lunch time. This is their last trip to Canberra before they head to Germany for five weeks, so I took the afternoon off work to hang out with them.

We went shopping but didn't progress much past the Thomas the Tank Engine display in Big W.

He's such a groupie. Look, he's even wearing a Thomas jumper. This is the big Thomas he found that plays the theme tune over again. He played it again and again and danced a merry jig while I took photos.

I made some Gingerbread Men in anticipation of Will arriving.

Sadly, Will didn't like them, but all the grown ups did. These were made with the "Already Been Chewed" cookie cutters that Sean bought me a week or so ago. Great fun.

I had Adele and Will here for less than 24 hours so there was a lot to be fitted in. Will spent most of his time here looking cute.

A while ago I made a beanie for him which became known as his Chocolate Hat. Finally, I got photos of him wearing it. This is Will up near our back fence talking to the puppies who live behind us. We hardly ever see them, unless Will is here. He goes straight there every time to find them.

He loves his hat, which he calls his coclate hat. He's a great guy.

Steeked Jacket Update

I considered calling this post 'Let Us Not Speak of the Steeked Jacket' but I need to be upfront and say I may have screwed up.

Here is the sleeve - a few inches short of finishing.

I've worked my fingers hard to get this far in the last week. It may look ok, but there's a problem. I'm supposed to keep increasing til I have around 207 stitches. At last count I have about 130, and only two repeats to go.

Julie suggested trying it on, which I had to do by taking it off the circular needle early this morning. OK, so it fits. It's snug, which is fine by me because I never wanted this jacket to be floppy, so that's ok. But I suspect this is going to mean bad things for grafting it to the body. When you work on the percentage system, stitch counts are fairly important, I think. Julie is still to confirm.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I am not happy.

(Whining to follow)

I know I'm not the only one who has had problems with the sleeves. I know Louiz had to undo her first sleeve entirely, but both Cindy and Louiz are miles ahead of me. Cindy is almost finished. I'm embarrassingly far behind, and that's largely because I committed to knitting a lot of gifts this year, too and have been busy with those.

Today, I could just throw thing against the wall. Or in the bin. Or on the nearest bonfire. I'm not ready to face the idea of ripping the sleeve again. I'm just not. Call me sulky. Call me petulant. But today, the steeked jacket can get stuffed. I'm off to cast on some of these using this. Secret Knitting Fairy, I know I was supposed to use your gift once I'd finished the sleeve, but today I need something nice and pretty and you can see how close I am, right?