Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Stalkers, rockin' girls and a shop

There's a very funny woman who lives near Boston called Rachel. One day she appeared out of nowhere and RoseRed told me to check her out. I did. She calls herself the Mad, Mad Housewife and she's freaking hilarious. Mad as a cut snake, in fact. Is that a particularly Aussie thing to say?

Anyway, RoseRed and I like to refer to Rachel, affectionately you understand, as our stalker. You know why? She wrote and asked for our addresses so she could come and stay. yeah. Sure Rachel. Why don't you just move in? Bring your husband and kids too!

Actually she wanted to send us something. We gave her our work addresses (cos it's more fun to get mail at work) and this morning RoseRed emailed and said she'd got her package and I had better check my mail. I don't think I've ever checked our section's mail before. Didn't I look all team spirited offering to go check the mail!

Sure enough, a parcel from Boston was there waiting for me. Here's what I got! It's gorgeous orange and blue Vesper sock yarn that Rachel purchased from Knitterly Things. I've never heard of it but RoseRed has and it's apparently hot stuff.

Love those colours. I have nothing like it in my stash. I shall enjoy it immensely.

People are too cool. Really. I tried explaining to my workmate that someone I hardly know, from the other side of the world, who writes a really funny and insane blog, just wanted to send me something - that something being wool.

She was confused.

I was elated.

So thank you Rachel.

Rockin' Girl Bloggers
Rachel, RoseRed and I were all deemed Rockin' Girl Bloggers recently. Loads of people have been. I'm seeing it everywhere. I was tagged twice. Very cool. I'm gonna think on it before I play tag though.

A Shop!
I mentioned a couple of days ago that the lovely Jejune has started to sell her knitting art as cards.

Today, after some gnashing of teeth and a few test runs, she opened her shop where you can buy her beautiful knitting art cards. I really encourage you to have a look. I love them. I plan to send one with any gifts I send to knitters from now on because they're so perfect for that! And it's not just for locals. There are ways that international customers can buy from Jejune, too. All it takes is email and a paypal account. Go look. They're lovely.

In the meantime, it's Wednesday night. That means knitting, wine and cooking shows with dinner provided by my husband who appears not to be home yet. Grrr...takeaway maybe? I'll have the roast duck noodle soup with a serve of spring rolls, thanks Sean.