Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The Exhibition

Today at lunchtime, Olivia and I took a stroll down to the gallery to see the Knit1Blog1 exhibition minus the crowds. We were a little bit excited to see there were actually a few people in there who, for all we knew, were not coerced into going by participants!

Jejune's precious lamb, Lulu was very pleased to see us. I think she's been a bit lonely.

Here, for posterity, are some shots I took of the show. I took a tonne of photos but not all of them worked out. So here are the ones that worked best.

First of all, the room itself (that's Olivia).

Next, my bits.

Here is the body of the steeked jacket, entered as a work in progress (because that's partly what blogging is about - showing the journey a project takes). I just love how standing it up makes it look like art! I sent this photo to Julie and that's actually what she said. So I've stolen her words. I worry that it looks a bit mystifying, sitting there looking very un-jacket like. But I figure that's where the art thing comes in.

And here's the label that goes with it. Again, stealing Julie's words, she is a designer. There's a label in a gallery that says so. They spelled her name wrong. It should read Theaker, but that's ok.

Right near the jacket are the monkey socks which Barb and her team cleverly thought to stuff.

Love it! I do love seeing them there, but I can't wait to get them back and wear them! They were only finished for a day or so before I submitted them.

This shawl was made by Happy Spider. Isn't it beautiful?!

These chains were made by Othlon. They're so cool and I believe the pattern is from Knitty.

These gorgeous baby fair isle cardigans were made by non-Canberran, Janette.

These almost-edible cupcakes were made by The Shopping Sherpa, as were the miniature pieces that follow. My hand is included for scale!

The exhibition of course features the felted pots made by Olivia.

It's a really beautiful exhibition, as you can see. I'm so proud of us all. We are a talented bunch of women with vision and creativity just oozing out of us all. I've just captured a few pieces here. I have more photos and will try to put more up later.

Good work everyone!

And finally, a big shout out to my sister, if she's reading. She landed in Frankfurt this afternoon and is waiting for a connecting flight to Berlin as we speak. She'll be there by the time she reads this. She's gone for five weeks and I'm sooky because we speak every day. I'm hoping she comes home with sock wool for me but really, I'll just be happy to see her home.