Saturday, 25 August 2007

A bright sun-shiney day

We got out to get some fresh air in the garden this afternoon. And look what we found!

Apricot blossoms.

Plum blossoms.

The yellow bill of a daffodil.

More plum blossoms.

Broad bean blossoms.

This probably makes it look like we have a garden filled with stuff but it's actually a huge, empty paddock (well, compared to the average suburban garden) that's been invaded by ugly, thorny weeds where there should be lawn.

In amongst the ugliness, there are the sublime hints of spring coming.

And I have just a few rows to go on sleeve #2. Thank God. The rest of the weekend I'll take off from the jacket because the body of it is still with the Knit1Blog1 exhibition, which ends tomorrow.

Hmmm....what shall I do instead. Oh, maybe a sock!