Thursday, 23 August 2007

On and on it goes

I am being so very good.

Honestly I am.

Every night, I sit down and get straight to work on the jacket sleeve. It’s getting long. I haven’t measured it this week but I think it must be ¾ done.

I’d post a photo but honestly, how many new and interesting ways can you really find to show the same item, just an inch or two longer?

Boredom is beginning to creep in though. Or rather, it’s less boredom with the sleeve and more longing for the thrill of casting on something new. I’m even keeping away from Ravelry (well, not entirely, just a little) because it just hurts to see all the things I can’t do yet.

The thing that’s different now is that normally, when I get close to finishing another stage in the jacket, I give myself a few days of doing something else, as a treat. That’s not gonna work this time. I am on the tightest deadline and there’s really no room for movement on this. It’s work. Work. Work.

The only relief I have from it is the sock knitting I do on the bus. The red Embossed Leaves socks are moving slowly because I only manage about 8 rounds on the bus each day. At least it’s something different. As soon as they’re done, I have gift socks to do and a pair of monkeys made from Lorna’s Laces.

It’s the little dreams that keep me going.

And the big question is this: what will life look like when the steeked jacket is no longer on the needles?