Sunday, 19 August 2007

Lessons in Motivation

You will all be happy (relieved perhaps?) to know that my absence from blogging in the last few days can be explained at least in part by some serious steeked jacket work.

At the moment I'm averaging one full pattern repeat a day, or rather, an evening. Given I'm astoundingly tired in the evenings at the moment, the fact that I've not had to rip any of it out so far is pretty bloody amazing, by my reckoning.


I'm not thinking yet about any of the traps or minefields that lay ahead of me, like getting patterns to match up, undoing the provisional cast ons or, gulp, the steeking. To be honest, I'm less worried about the steeking than I am about the the shoulder decreases and attaching the arms.

I'll get there. Come hell or high water.

This jacket is my friend. Not the enemy. See, we get on famously. Here we are, well the sleeves and I, at Snb at Starbucks this afternoon (where we were graced by the company of interstate visitor, Janette. So great to meet you!) Photo courtesy of Jejune.

See how long the shorter sleeve is? That, people, is one week's work! Remember how long the first sleeve took? I certainly do. Two months. At least. And it was ripped out at least three times. So far, no mistakes, no ripping out. This sleeve is a blast. I'm now above the elbow.

Where is the motivation coming from?

Partly it's coming from the six week deadline I mentioned recently, which is imposed on me by other things, which I'll write about later. Partly, it's coming from a little game Tanya and I have going. Each day, we email or text an update of how far we have got with the projects we each now refer to our as our personal nemesis. Hers is her brown jumper for her brother. Mine, well we all know what mine is.

I can't bear the idea of not being able to write to Tanya and boast about my success. So I power through it.

Yesterday, I only got two rows done because I was exhausted and the shame was unbearable.

So, on we go. I'm off to get my roast chicken out of the oven and then I'll settle in for a night of great TV on the ABC (Worst Jobs in History & Midsomer Murders) and hopefully, another full repeat.

I did plan to have 5 repeats done this weekend, but you can't have everything and we had stuff to do. As much as I like to equate knitting with living, sometimes, there is real living to be done.

Oh, and special thanks to Jejune who took me to Lincraft today and introduced me to a new way to spend my time and money. Sewing. I'm going to make an apron. Just to learn. But not yet. Once the jacket is done. And it'll be burgundy. I love dark blue, but really, enough is enough.

Also, my sister made it home from Germany yesterday morning. Thank God. Now I can resume running up my phone bill. We have soooo much to catch up on. AND she brought sockwolle home for me!!