Thursday, 16 August 2007


Hey, look! I got into Yarnival!

I remember Shelley telling me about this ages ago and then Cara from January One announced she was editing a new edition and called for bloggers to submit posts of their own they thought were interesting, funny, clever or just worthy.

I submitted a post I did about an afternoon spent trying to get a photo of one green monkey sock on my foot, sitting on my front steps in full view of my street.

Cara listed me under my real name though (Helen) and not Bells, so don't go looking for Bells in the list.

And please note also another Aussie knit blogger who made it - Donyale!

So, if you're new here, HELLO! I'm off to check out the other blogs listed. Check it out.

Oh, and the steeked jacket sleeve is flying. I did an entire repeat last night - that's 14 rounds.