Tuesday, 14 August 2007

A Self Imposed Deadline

I have created a deadline for the steeked jacket.

Enough is enough! I really do love this project but honestly, it's dragging on intolerably. In the last few days, I've managed to get at least 1/4 of the second sleeve done, just because I've told myself I must finish.

There are things I want so much to do, other complex projects I'm dreaming of and I can't do any of them until this jacket is done. Maybe others could. But I can't. I know I've done quite a few smaller projects over the time I've been working on the jacket, but they were all gifts and things I could do on the move like socks and scarves and beanies. This has been my all consuming project the rest of the time, even when I haven't been working on it.

I was telling Sean about some stuff I really want to start on and he said, 'why don't you wait until you've finished the jacket. There, that's motiviation for you!' And he's right, of course.

At SnB last night I was explaining that it's like this.

I have to finish it because:

a) leaving it languishing in my abandoned projects pile would be a terrible reminder, every time I looked at it, of my failure; and

b) can you imagine frogging something that's taken 8 months of your life so far and has given you such pleasure and created a wonderful framework in which to learn new skills? I can't.

So I have no choice. Finish it now. That's it. Get it done. Tanya might have written wisely about A Willingness to Frog, but in this instance, it would be a disaster.

I'm giving myself six weeks. That'll take it to about nine months since I first cast on. That's a reasonable gestation period for a project of that magnitude, don't you think?

You are all my witnesses. This will be done. And dammit I'll enjoy it. I have to. I'm unlikely to make it again (although never say never).

So, here's my commitment. I will complete this jacket in six weeks. Julie thinks it can be done and she said that when I still had most of both sleeves to go.

Wish me energy and productivity and focus, friends!