Sunday, 2 September 2007

a fine afternoon

Yesterday I joined a few other Canberra knitters/bloggers for afternoon tea at George's house. George as in Georgie's Kitchen Table. It was essentially a sock enabling gathering, since George has been a little shy of sock knitting for some time.

I showed up early to lend her hand with food preparation. I was tasked with making waffles for what is apparently a common German afternoon tea (George's husband is German) of waffles with cream and cherry sauce.

We made heaps!

And they were gorgeous. If you're keen on a German waffle recipe, keep an eye out on George's blog. She plans to post hers.

As well as watching George knit her first sock (a baby version), I worked on my jacket.

This accountability system with Regenia is working a treat. I had hoped to have my two additional repeats on the body done by Saturday 9 October. I'll finish it today. That's way ahead of schedule. Yay me!

Yesterday was also my first outing wearing my purple monkey socks. I've knit a lot of socks this year but I've given all of them away except for three pairs. One is a plain pair I did fairly early on that are so loose I just wear them as bed socks. The second pair is the monkey socks and the third is the red socks I just finished. I've never actually worn my socks as real socks, with shoes, out in public.

I've gotta say I was unsure it'd work. I wondered if they'd bunch up, fall down, feel weird but no, they felt great. Squishy and comfy and warm and just lovely. I have to knit more for myself. They really only go with my birkenstocks though. I can't see them going with my work heels!

And don't worry. I don't wear my jeans that short. I'm just holding them up!

By the end of the afternoon, George had finished a baby sock!

We were all so proud. She learned all she needs to know to go on now with her own sock knitting journey. Yay George and thank you for a marvellous afternoon. Letting us all invade your home was very good of you.

In other news, I am starting to dream seriously about my life post-steeked jacket.

I really wanna make the Hemlock Ring blanket featured recently on BrooklynTweed's blog. I really love it and rather fancy the idea of a lace blanket made from yarn of a substantial weight. A KAL has started and if I can finish the jacket soon, I'm in.

Although Julie has announced a Strikke-Along with some fairly loose guidelines as to who can participate. I'm thinking of that too (Julie says the jacket would actually qualify given it's sort of inspired by Scandanavian techniques). Personally, I'd like to have the jacket done and maybe just knit a pair of Norwegian socks or something. If you're interested in joining the strikke-along, check out at Samurai Knitter.