Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Will there be carnage?

So I finished the body of the steeked jacket. Yay for me! No photos. You all know what it looks like. You're probably as bored with seeing it as I am, although I must say the last two repeats flew by and I quite enjoyed the rhythm of it, so all's well on that front.

Next, grafting the sleeves. My brain hurts already. I'm saving that for the weekend.

But have a look at someone else's steeked jacket. This is Louiz. She's in England. She's quite a way ahead of me and frankly, I'm scared. She's having a few issues too.

Why do we do this to ourselves? I have no idea.

And here's a finished one I meant to point out a while ago. This is Cindy's jacket. She managed to get this done before any of us with a toddler and a challenging pregnancy on the go at the same time.

Really, I've climbed most of the mountain. I've just got that finally, deathly bit before the summit to go. The hardest part. Let's keep our fingers crossed for minimal carnage, hmm?