Sunday, 9 September 2007

Is it really Sunday night again?

The Jacket
First up, thanks everyone for so many great and supportive comments yesterday. I did really think I'd be further along now than I am with the jacket. I don't know what it is that's driving me on so relentlessly with a project that's proving so difficult for me, but I just can't let it go. I refuse.

I'm actually not that persistent in life generally speaking, but this jacket won't let me put it down for long. Do I sound like a complete wanker if I say it's my magnum opus? What about my Everest? Maybe just for this year, at any rate. I'm sure there will be other big, all consuming projects in years to come. For now, it's keeping me off the streets.

Long distance call
Last night, Saturday night, I had a wonderful surprise. Amy called me all the way from Rhode Island! Her husband had been calling Canberra for work and so she thought she'd call me for a chat and it was great! I know what she sounds like now, and vice versa. We talked about how the internet makes the world seem smaller, but really, it's still a bloody long way from Canberra to Rhode Island. A long, long way. Thanks for calling, Amy. It made my night.


For the first time since they came back from Germany, my sister, my brother in law and my nephew came to visit on their way home from the South Coast, back to Sydney. We met them in Grevillia Park for a sandwich and a bit of a run around with Will.

I love this photo.

He's wearing a beanie that was made by Taph. She gave it to me a while ago when she was trying to find a small head it would fit. It fits Willem perfectly and he absolutely loved it. Taph, it's not his dad's football team colours, like I told you, but his mum's. So she was happy about that. I clearly know nothing about such things.

After that, Will and I ran around with sticks, pretending to ride them like horses. Continuing Will's love of Thomas the Tank Engine, we rode horses called Thomas and Gordon. One day when I'm a mum, I'm gonna be well prepared for Thomas addiction.

All the way from Germany

And now, to amuse you all, check this out.

When visiting Germany, Adele was given this massive ball of yarn by the elderly grandmother of her friend. Erika (the grandmother) heard all about Adele's knitting sister and so thought I'd like a donation. The 100g ball of sock yarn was a gift from Adele to me and is included for perspective. Yes, that's one, whole ball of yarn. It's got a little more blue than it appears in the photo, and is covered in sparkly stuff. It's actually softer than you might think.

When Adele was telling me about this yarn, before I'd seen it, she said, 'You don't have use it. But I felt I had to take it. And anyway, you get one of those joined together needles with it.' Tee hee. How funny is that? Joined together needle. :-) And anyway, a knitter never turns down free equipment.

My brother in law suggested I could make a scarf from it. A scarf? Try ten scarves!

It'll go in the stash. You should never look a gift horse in the mouth, should you?