Saturday, 8 September 2007

Because doing the sleeves over again is fun

Yes folks, that's right, in some bizarre and twisted kind of Groundhog Day, I am indeed knitting the sleeves again.

Not entirely, just from about the elbow up. But still, shit eh?

Honestly, if you've had enough of this endless madness and want to tune out, I wouldn't blame you.

But if you think you might benefit in some way from a deeper understanding of my mistakes, you are most welcome to join me on this crazy ride called 'Trying Desperately to get this bloody steeked jacket done for once and for all!'

Look at this.

You might think it's a shot taken several months ago when I was doing the first sleeve over again for the first time. Or hell, even the second time. You'd be wrong.

I took this photo about an hour ago before falling asleep over it. I don't feel like myself today so perhaps it's not the best day to be ripping out and picking up fair aisle stitches again.

I won't bore you with the story of just what went wrong when we all previously thought we'd put the sleeve chapter behind us for good. Suffice to say, it pays to read instructions. Just ask Julie. She wrote them for a good reason, not just because she likes the sound the keyboard makes when she types.

One day, I will learn. But for today, I think I'll just go work on a simple rib sock I've got to finish. That's about all I can manage, I think.

Oh and eat some more bread. I made it early this morning.

Hungarian Split Farmhouse Loaf. Those are fennel seeds on top. I can scarcely believe I made something so beautiful.