Thursday, 13 September 2007

Thank you

The response to my post on loss was astounding. Thank you. I have said to a few people that I imagined I'd get some heartfelt sympathy and support responses - each of which was lovely and deeply appreciated, but I hadn't anticipated so many responses that told the stories of others who have gone through similar experiences.

The stories that expressed the loneliness of what happens when you lose a pregnancy, sometimes repeatedly, really touched me and I felt amazingly comforted by the shared sadness, if that makes sense. I've written back to some of you personally and will continue to do so as I can. Again, thank you.

Sean also was very touched by the responses. I was worried he would feel quite exposed by my telling of the story but he didn't. He could see it was valuable for me and also for others.


In happier news, I have completed, hopefully for the last time, the first sleeve of the steeked jacket. Sadly, it was right the first time and my attempt to redo it was pointless. But, it's done now and it only took a few days. It has the right number of increased stitches and is the right length.

I'm starting #2 tonight and hope very much to have it done before the end of the weekend. I'm spending some quality knitting time with RoseRed on the weekend (yay!) and would love to have her here when I'm joining up it, as a witness, so to speak. Wouldn't that be fun!

Thanks heaps to Regenia who so far has proven a most fun and helpful Accountability Partner. I can't wait to see a photo of her Icarus Shawl, which is, as Tanya would say, her nemesis, just as the steeked jacket is mine.

I'm getting there. I really am.

And finally, I think I rely too much on commas in my writing. Does anyone agree? I fear I overuse them! Grammar experts - your opinions are welcome.