Friday, 14 September 2007

Word of the day


Thanks must go to Tinkingbell from Tasmania for that little gem. Doesn't it just beautifully capture the hell that has been the steeked jacket?

OK, hell is probably a bit harsh and really, I do love it but now that I'm doing the sleeves for the second time, well, it's verging on hellish. I want so much to be doing the fun stuff like joining it all up but it eludes me still.

My mum tells me I inherited my drive to finish things from her. So for those of you who have said that by now you'd have burned it or chucked it or drowned it, know now that it's not possible. I am my mother's daughter, so it seems. She doesn't have many UFOs languishing in darkened cupboards and neither do I.

The second sleeve is but 3 repeats from being done and tomorrow when RoseRed comes to play, I plan to recruit her to photograph the fun stuff that comes next. No, not the actual steeking, but the joining of things together.

Stay tuned for a Southern Summer of Socks update over the weekend too. We have started a blog for it which we'll be working on when we get together tomorrow. For now, you can register your interest there, if you would like to.

For now, back to Steekingate.


ps Do check out Tingkingbell's blog if you don't know her. She's a riot.