Wednesday, 10 October 2007

All good things

First up, do yourself a favour and acquaint yourself with the beast known as the feral sock. You won't regret it. Everyone should be warned. You need to know how to recognise this wild creature should it show up in your backyard. It seems the drought or something is bringing them out of the bush and into our homes.

Second of all, I had a most wonderful get together last night with the fabulous Donyale. She happened to be in town for just the day and paused long enough before heading back to Wollongong to meet up with me! We met at a pub after work and amidst beer and pizza and other good things showed off our knitting. How good is blogland that it gives us new friends, both online and in person? Lovely to have met you at last Donni! And thank you for showing me how to cast on a toe on two circs. I'm itching to try it myself now.

Thirdly, I got 25 Favourite Socks in the mail today. God bless Amazon. But i was quite restrained. I didn't even open the box. I left it by the front door at home, saving it until this evening when I may well disappear into an abyss of sock lust.

And lastly, in case anyone is wondering, the steeked jacket has now remained untouched since the last Saturday in September. Ouch. Not good, huh? But not bad either, really. At that point, I hated it. But now, I find myself kind of missing it. We needed a little break from each other. I think I can probably find it in myself to pull it out sometime soon and spend a little one on one time together. You were all right. When the time is right, the love comes back.