Monday, 8 October 2007

Bits of this and bits of that

Alrighty. Am a bit run down from a fairly full on weekend with a bunch of friends in town, but I survived and am happy to say that unlike the last time we all got together, I vomited a lot less.

As in, not at all.

Perhaps I have evolved or something in the last six months.

So, being tired, we have few words and mainly pictures this evening.

First up, a finished koigu sock.

I love the way the eye of partridge heel looks like faux fair isle.

The pooling you can see there has come to be an acceptable part of this sock's personality in my eyes. I like it.

This is some yarn I got from Donyale late last week. She dyed it herself and had the goodness to sell it to me. Yummy scrummy. Not sure what this creature wants to be yet but it'll be special.

And this was a gift from Tinkingbell. What a gorgeous blogger she is. She sent me a bunch of stuff in an attempt to make me smile. It worked. Chocolate (all gone), tea and soap along with this Jojoland sock yarn.

I'm loving all this additional sock yarn. Now that we have reached no fewer than SEVENTY PARTICIPANTS in the Southern Summer of Socks, there's this huge frenzied mad dash to knit socks, socks and more socks and i wanna be part of the fun with as much fabulous yarn as possible.

I must share some news worth celebrating. My dear friend Carol, who was too sick to come visit on the weekend, put her time to good use and knit her first sock!!

Seriously, this is a big deal. Her phobia of DPNs and the concept of socks in general has plagued her for pretty much the last year. This weekend, she overcame it and I see a bright future for her involving pretty sock yarn and pointy sticks. Well done Carol!