Sunday, 14 October 2007

FO: Lacy Mock Cable Socks

Aren't they pretty?

There's something about the Lacy Mock Cable pattern. I've made this three times now. It just never fails me.

I didn't make these for Southern Summer of Socks because I started them in, oh I think it was August, left them on hold while I did other stuff and finished them off last week.

The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Multi, which was a gift several moons ago from an anonymous Fairy God Knitter who wanted to offer me an incentive to finish my steeked jacket sleeves, back when I was tearing my hair out daily about the rotten things.

I love them to bits. The yarn is very soft and wearable and when my younger sister, who has much bigger feet than I do, tried them on today, she fell in love. So they must be good because I don't think knitted socks really rocked her world before today.

I mention the size of my sister's feet by way of saying that the mock cable pattern stretches beautifully. I did make them a few stitches larger than the 56 stitches required by the pattern (too small, I figured that out last time) and still stretched beautifully over her size 9.5 feet.

And here's a tip for today.

Don't eat a rich pasta sauce at your computer with a precious skein of sock yarn sitting next to the bowl. That way lies danger.

I just figured that out. Three minutes ago. Silly me.

One last thing, see the sock blockers in the first photo? Thanks to some gentle prodding by Georgie last night over dinner, Sean got to and cut out some more today. He'll be selling them for a modest price if anyone's interested? I seem to recall getting some 'yes me!' responses last time I mentioned it.