Tuesday, 16 October 2007

FO: Koigu socks

How about this! Two finished objects in a week!

Here are my wonderful (if I do say so myself) Koigu socks.

They are my first official Southern Summer of Socks project and they took exactly two weeks to make! Fastest socks ever. It was impossible to grow bored of the yarn. I loved every stitch. So thanks Julie! The yarn was a fabulous gift and I'm very appreciative. I knitted it up very tightly on 2.25mm sticks and I love that they are so firm and will stay up no matter what. I worked it all out myself using the Yarn Harlot's basic recipe. Yay me!

Secondly, a new plain bus knitting sock made from Online yarn, a German sock yarn my sister Adele bought for me in Germany.

I am just loving plain knit socks at the moment. All the fancy ones I've cast on in the last week came to nothing. I'm a bit brain fried and so perhaps this is just what I need. And I am reminded as I knit of something the Yarn Harlot said in Knitting Rules. She said, 'perhaps I am just dim enough to be entertained by the thrill of which stripe comes next.' Or words to that effect.

If I am dim, so be it. I love it. This is a very fun knit and perfect for the bus or for tired evenings.

The observant among you may notice something new. I magic looped! Yes, as one of my SSS challenges was to learn magic loop, I figured a plain knit sock would be perfect. What was I afraid of? It's cool. Very bus friendly and although I'm unsure what happens when you get to the heel, so far, I think it rocks. I may not magic loop everything. I do love my DPNs, but this method, I like.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my husband has offered me Roast Duck Noodle Soup for dinner.