Sunday, 21 October 2007

I think I don't like magic loop

The early days of getting to know the much lauded Magic Loop method of making socks were bliss.

I'd been afraid for some time. I'd watched people like Jejune doing it and she seemed happy enough. Then one day over coffee, Jude told me it was a breeze and for the first time, I thought, no, believed, I too could do it.

I tried it. Surprisingly, it all came together with zero tears and cursing. As Jude put, 'how stupidly easy is magic loop?' Yes, Jude, you were right. It is easy, as long as it's a tube. I'd mentioned recently that I was anxious about the heel. The resounding cries assured me that there was nothing to it. That is indeed what I discovered. No problem. I'm past the heel now and into the foot decreases.

I say, 'no problem' but what I should actually say is, 'just one problem. I don't like it.'

Everyone talks about magic loop being less fiddly than DPNs. What are you people talking about? Since when is neatly slipping from one DPN to the next more fiddly than that whole pushing and poking routine you get with the cable in magic loop? It's AWFUL! It's not graceful. It's obscenely slow and painful especially now that I'm into the gusset. If this were regular sock knitting, I'd flying through the very plain knitting right now. Instead, I'm plodding through it like a kid trying to get through a plate of peas.

How will I ever do the second sock this way? Does anyone think it'll make the two socks really different if I switch back to DPNs for the second sock? I have a feeling my tension is different, but I can't be sure. I just don't think I can do it twice.