Wednesday, 24 October 2007

So what ever happend to Knit From Your Stash 2007?

Did anyone actually make it all the way through Knit From Your Stash 2007?

I was a late sign up to the idea and for some time, very enthusiastic. However, after a while, it became a running joke in my home that there were more exceptions to the rule than not, as more and more stash showed up over time.

The problem I had, I think, is that 2007 was my first big year of sock knitting and sock knitting was the way I kept myself sane during the (currently stalled) steeked jacket. I needed the small projects to remind myself that I am capable of finishing something.

In the early days, I just had a few balls of Opal, a skein or two from Happy Spider. It was enough. It was all I needed. Then I got more involved in sock knitting, read more about just what was out there, oh and I met RoseRed who infected me with her love of sock yarn. I blame her, the shameless hussy, when it comes down to it.

Or maybe I'm just too easily led?

All things considered though, I didn't do too badly. I bought yarn for gifts this year, like scarves and socks. That was allowed.

I bought sock yarn, as stated. That was allowed, according to the rules.

I did not buy any yarn that could in any way be said to be enough for a whole adult garment. I started a jumper (Mariah) but that was from my stash.

I was given substantial amounts of sock or lace weight yarn as gifts or as part of swaps. That doesn't count. Who am I to turn down gift skeins?

So, even though Sean would say my stash has become overblown, I don't think it's quite as bad as he might think. I defend myself thusly:

I fell in love. With socks. I was powerless in the face of it. Oh and when you've got people like Georgie pimping for German sock yarn suppliers, what is a girl to do, honestly?

To be perfectly honest though, Knit From Your Stash 2007 was successful for me, despite evidence to the contrary. It taught me to organise my stash a little better and to (almost) always go and check out what's there before i just assume I need something new. I think that made it worth while.

But Sean still thinks I have too much stash.