Thursday, 18 October 2007

Oh to be fashionable

Tomorrow night, Friday, I am going out on a girls' night. I only know one other girl there. She is the girl I sit next to at work and we are tight. We chat all day, share loads of ups and downs, laugh ourselves stupid and probably annoy many around us with our endless chatter.

She's not a knitter. Her late mother was a knitter and I've seen some of her work, so at least she doesn't think I'm a freak.

So as I said, tomorrow night, it's a girls' night, with many girls (women?) I don't know. Have never met. My work buddy has arranged it and I feel flattered to be included in what to her is aparently a really great and important night for her and her friends.

We're going to a Greek place for dinner (it was actually my suggestion!) then out, ahem, dancing.

I don't remember the last time I did any kind of dance that didn't involve me doing a happy dance in the lounge room because something good, and knitting related, happened. Apparently, we will go to the casino where on Friday nights an, ahem, 80s night, is held.

An 80s night? Look, I can recall Bananarama or Bon Jovi with the best of them, but usually in a state of vague, cringing amusement. I suspect it will be a lot more fun after all that wine with dinner. I'm gonna start with champagne. That'll set me on a course, I'm sure, that will make late night dancing to Like A Virgin somehow seem like a good idea.

There is of course the small issue of not being able to dance. Or as Sean puts it, a complete and embarrassing lack of rhythm. I was once told I dance like a penguin. Not by Sean. But I haven't forgotten it. My younger brother and sister have been known to laugh at me when I attempt dancing. Enough said.

But the alcohol should take care of that. Anyone can dance to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun after a lot of drinking, right?

But the real, crucial issue here is WHAT TO WEAR!

I'm not fashionable. I pass, but I'm not that sort of dresser. I accept that I am no longer 21 and that many, many of the shops carry items of clothing I have neither the youth nor body to carry off. But I still like nice clothes and I still care enough to not shame myself entirely. I just don't know what anyone wears out dancing. Even my sister declared, 'but what do you wear to that?' Indeed.

Nothing fits. Nothing looks right. Everyone who's going will look better than I will. Did I mention they're all in their late 20s? No? Well they are. My work buddy assures me I'll fit right in. I hope so. I covered up the shocking amounts of grey hair tonight. They'll never know.

Oh and before you ask, I'm not taking my knitting. Aren't I strong? Aren't I sensible? It's just not that sort of night and though I'll miss it terribly, I just can't.

Look, I'm sure I'll have a fun time. I may get Sean to pick me up around midnight though because 2am is a time I only see when I have insomnia and am knitting while watching an episode of Buffy.

In the meantime, there's a pile of discarded clothes on my bed that I should put away before Sean decides it's bedtime.

And just so there's some knitting content, look at this.

These are prizes you could win if you sign up to Southern Summer of Socks before midnight Friday 19 October. Yummy stuff from The Knittery up for grabs....mmmmm....sock yarn...mmmm

Wish me luck.