Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Where's my camera when I need it?

Spotted around midday today right in the middle of the city, in amongst traffic and pedestrians:

1 kangaroo

In the middle of the CBD!

(On Bunda street, for the locals).

Of course, had I had my camera with me, I wouldn't have been able to snap it anyway because a) I was driving and b)those things are fast!

The poor thing. I really felt for it. Contrary to what non-Australians might think, it's not common to see them in built up areas. You might get one showing up on your driveway around dawn if you live close to bushland, but on the whole, they keep to themselves. A roo in the city is almost unheard of.

This one looked so startled. It bounded past me at lightning speed, leaving a trail of amused onlookers in its wake. It must have come down from Mt Ainslie looking for food or water. I think that's the main reason they show up in unusual areas.

I really wish I'd got a photo. One morning soon, I'll head out to the huge field near my house where loads of them gather at dawn. That'll make a cool photo.


Also, just to clarify, Sean didn't cook the Duck Noodle soup for me last night though I think he was flattered that people think he's up to that. He took me out for a big, steaming hot bowl of the wondrous stuff. However, should he wish to try and make some for me, I would certainly not say no.


I cast on something new last night. I can't say what it was because it's a present for my sister for Christmas and I don't want her to know. But it's pretty. And it uses up some special stuff I've had in the stash for over a year, without a clue what I would do with it. Damn, I feel so weird not being able to speak openly about a project on my own blog!