Thursday, 25 October 2007

Well who saw that coming?

After my declaration a few days ago that magic loop and I weren't seeing eye to eye, I really did wonder how I was gonna finish that sock I was working on without going nuts.

Then, I wandered down the hall at work to visit Jude and show her my sock and pour out my woes. All it took was a few brief minutes and I was slapping my forehead, wondering how on earth I could have been so blind. God I love having a knitting buddy on the same floor at work! Suddenly, I was all sorted. Magic loop and I are friends and although we may never be bestest friends in the whole world, but we'll definitely hang out from time to time and share gossip and lipstick tips.

I realised tonight that something had changed most significantly when I cast on a sock for my mum. I can't show a photo of it because it's a Christmas surprise, but here's the thing.

It wasn't until I'd cast on and done a couple of rows that I realised I wasn't working with DPNs. I was half way through an episode of Scrubs, and the sock and I were getting on just fine, magic loop and all!

How odd. I just did it without thinking.

And to think that this time a year ago, i was riddled with anxiety about my very first sock. How times change.

To be honest, I put it down in part to the cabernet I've been drinking tonight. I was relaxed and happy and we all know that helps.

Soon, I must do a post with photos. I've been lazy for days and haven't uploaded any. But I have a week's leave coming up, starting 5pm tomorrow!

All that daylight! If I can find something to photograph that isn't a Christmas present, I'll be just fine!