Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Look what I got!

Some friends have been very generous lately so I'm showing and telling today.

First up, on Sunday at SnB I was greeted by Quilting Mick who came bearing Patonyle! For me!

We'd been discussing the terrible, terrible news that Patonyle will soon be no more and suddenly, there was some gift patonyle in gorgeous mustardy, creamy, orangey colours. Thanks Michelle. I was very touched and grateful. Patonyle will be a sad loss - it's one of my favourites.

Next thing that came my way was a hand made project bag from everyone's favourite shoe goddess, RoseRed.

She's been on a bit of a sewing frenzy lately and made one for me which is the same as hers - cos we're twins and now we have twin bags!

It is the perfect size for socks on the move, as the photo above shows. It even matches the socks I'm working on! Sean says I need to ask her for project bags to always match my current project. What do you think RoseRed? ;-)

If you look especially closely, you'll see two little containers. They are from Shazmina Bendi, the clever clogs. She takes little mint tins (you know those blue or green elcipse tins? They are sooo useful) and covers them in what I'm assuming is decoupage paper. So lovely. They can hold all sorts of things but I will use them for darning needles and stitch markers and the like.

These are all things that make me smile. Smiling is good.

Another thing to make me smile is knowing that my sister and nephew will be here in just a few short hours - they should be on the road from Sydney as I type. Tomorrow morning, the three of us are having a little jaunt down to visit our parents who moved recently to the south coast - the tourist town of Merimbula. We've not had a sisters road trip before, let alone one that included a three year old.

We'll be gone from Thursday am, returning on Saturday around lunch time. We plan to drop into the town where we grew up, Eden, which is just down the road and check out old haunts, go for walks on the beach and generally breathe in some of that lovely coastal air.

Stay tuned for photos and stories on my return!