Tuesday, 20 November 2007

SHOESDAY: More polka dots!

Not to be outdone by RoseRed's ability to photograph herself wearing shoes, all the while looking like someone else took the shots, I've just had a little photo shoot on the driveway attempting the same thing. It's easier than you might think!

The kid next door, who is annoying at the best of times, kept calling out, 'What are you doing?'

The answer 'taking photos' wasn't enough. He wanted details. But I had flies buzzing around my head, hayfever and i was sweating profusely. He could get lost!

So, these are the other shoes I bought last week when I had a splurge. A polka dot splurge. I love the little bit of dotty detail.

I wore them all day today. Can you see how swollen my ankles are? I've lost all definition.

As much as I love these shoes, there's a problem. I can't keep them on. The heels slip.

On the recommendation of the SnB crowd on Sunday, I bought some gel heel grips and they were fabulous for the first two hours. But as the shoes are canvas, and presumably because it's so hot, they proved useless. They lost their stickiness and crumpled and were more trouble than I anticipated.

Any suggestions? Even my ankles swelling didn't keep them on properly.