Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Shoesday: I'll have what she's having

Last Shoesday, RoseRed demonstrated why she is the Shoe Goddess with not one, but two pairs of gorgeous shoes.

Such was the desire I felt for some exquisite beauties of my own, I got her to tell me where she got them from and went in search of them.

I found them. And they were such a bargain, I bought another pair, in a different style, which will have to wait until next Shoesday.

I present, my new shoes.

Yes, dear RoseRed, you will by now have noticed they're not the fetching ankle straps you bought. I only just figured that out myself!

It's probably just as well that I forgot you had the ankle strap version because ankle straps don't suit me in the slightest. I don't have your finely shaped ankles. Straps turn mine into tree trunks.

So I wore them to work yesterday, with Sean shaking his head and wondering how on earth I was going to walk out the door, let alone to the bus (it's called suffering for fashion, Sean). Actually, no, it was ok. I didn't suffer too much although I'm not sure what my podiatrist would say about them.

I care not. I looked fabulous yesterday. JoodyDoody said so.