Sunday, 11 November 2007

Finished socks and spring photos

Well, I have finally finished my first pair on magic loops socks. I really quite got to like the method by the end and will definitely use it again. So, there's another personal challenge for Souther Summer of Socks ticked off the list!

As previously mentioned this was gift yarn from my sister's trip to Germany. She chose well given I don't think she felt sure of her commission. I'm yet to wash them up and am keen to see how they come up after a wash as like some sock yarns, it's a little stiff. I've no doubt it'll wash up nice and soft. Thanks Delly!

I'm now of the opnion though that I need to make my socks longer. I have so much left over. I always do. I could probably go a few inches more and make my cuffs longer, too.

Next, more garden shots taken today after we'd done a hard morning's work, giving up only when it became impossible not to eat flies.

Little baby basils. Can't wait to have purple basil this year!

Chive flowers. These always make me feel happy. Such tiny little perfect things.

And finally, these are a real treat. My father in law gave me some tiny garlic onions he'd grown and I planted them out. Are you getting the impression my FIL and I bond over gardening? They look like spring onions or scallions but have quite a heady garlic aroma (so I'm told) and flavour. And they're bursting into flower. I'm going to grow them for seed, well some of them anyway because I'm loving eating them. I'm desperate to see the flowers.