Sunday, 9 December 2007

Afternoon Delight

This afternoon, I had a bunch of friends over for a rather delightful pre-Christmas afternoon tea, and as a way to say thank you to lots of people for so wonderfully enriching my life this year. All knitters, some bloggers, all fabulous.

The day began with Sean heading to the airport to collect RoseRed, who flew in just for the day! From Sydney! How good was that? Pretty bloody good, in my opinion.

He amused himself greatly by making up a sign for her that he could hold up as she arrived.

Talk about getting the star treatment!

Sean took a few group shots early on and then I was too busy having fun talking to everyone and eating to think to take more. He tried to get everyone but some of them turned out rather dark or were unflattering. I'm sure no one would appreciate double chin shots, would they?

I'm not the most calm hostess. I may have Domestic Goddess pretensions but in reality I'm a bundle of nerves and self doubt. Why host events if I am such a bundle of nerves? Because I want to be better, more confident, I suppose and today really helped me on my way to Confident Domestic Goddess status.

With the assistance of a couple of early arrivals, Georgie and RoseRed, the last minute details were set in place, a glass of champagne devoured and then it was on.

Honestly, invite a bunch of knitters into your home and the benefits and wonders are many. I was commenting to RoseRed after everyone left that really, knitters/crocheters are the best people to have over because the entertainment just takes care of itself. Everyone has something in their hands, something to eat from among the incredible array of contributed delights and something to drink. And if, as hostess, you get caught up in conversation, a helpful friend jumps in take care of something that needs doing, which is really quite amazing and kind.

Conversation flows easily amongst friends. There's much laughter and happiness.

So thank you everyone - especially my long distance guests, RoseRed and Donyale. You were all wonderful and generous and fun and I feel incredibly touched and thrilled with how it all went. Thank you for your food and drink, your gifts (which will receive separate posts over the coming week) and most of all, your company and friendship.

I'll leave you with a photo of one of the nicest things that we ate this afternoon. Kuka brought her stained glass biscuits. I saw them on her blog a week or so ago and had secretly hoped she would bring them to afternoon tea. She did and i was giddy with happiness.

To read how she makes them, go here. It's a secret worth knowing, trust me.

Merry Christmas everyone! I feel like I finally got the bug.