Thursday, 6 December 2007

Another argument in favour of magic loop

Perhaps it was silly of me to bring knitting on the bus on the day of the work Christmas party?

I did debate this with myself before I left home but my (new) handbag is big enough to carry a sock, particularly as I can carry it in the nifty project bag that RoseRed gave me.

Perhaps I ought to listen to myself more.

I lost a prized KnitPicks DPN (2.75mm) on the bus this morning. I have no idea how, really, but I was listening to my iPod so if it fell to the floor, i didn't hear the tinkling noise these lovely needles make when they land.

The bus was crowded. It was damn near impossible to try and find out what had happened, crammed in as I was. I cursed myself. I should have left the knitting at home. Not that I'm planning on knitting at the work party. I just hate sitting on the bus without it.

I could ring the bus company but how dumb would it sound?

"Hi, I lost a knitting needle on the bus. Has it been handed in? It's about 10cm long, silver and very pointy."

I think not.