Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Dark love

One day a few weeks ago, I was sitting at work, possibly working, but maybe not, when into my inbox came a note from RoseRed, who was most obviously not working.

She does this. I get these sly emails during the day asking if I want some of whatever she's pushing.

Clearly I have no willpower because I almost always say yes. And that's how I end up with goth yarn.

This is Corvid - from the Blue Moon Fibre Arts 'Socks that Rock' Raven range. It's new!

And this is Valkyrie. Isn't she gorgeous?

I've never been on intimate terms with any Socks that Rock products. If I wasn't heavily committed to a secret project, the identity of which I must guard closely, I'd consider having a fling tonight with one of these beauties. The question is which one?

And to continue the goth theme (it's a stretch, I know, but go with me - think vampires), I'd like to introduce my first ever home grown garlic. I was absolutely delighted to lift this on the weekend and got Sean to model it for me, fresh out of the ground.

I have it drying on my kitchen window sill and am absolutely smitten with it. I'm dying to find out how much more pungent it is, how more intense than the shop bought stuff it will be. I'll report back.

It looks like the Donyale sock will have a contrasting heel, toe and cuff. How about that! I really didn't think that option would win. I said to Sean, what happens if my least favourite option wins? He made it abundantly clear that the people have spoken and I must do as you all say, although there were some good arguments for not doing that. So, wait and see.

Also, thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post. I really don't want to live in a state of self pity, but sometimes it helps to write the IVF stuff down.

Now, onto that secret project.