Friday, 14 December 2007

Hot Hot Hot

So I'm home early after yet another work Christmas party. Really, how many must we be forced to endure? This was party #2 out of three, out in a hot park in which we chased the shade around all afternoon. I took a bottle of my favourite New Zealand Sav Blanc, parked myself on a blanket and worked on my sock (the one you all voted on - I'm happy to announce the contrasting heel looks great!) I'm not entirely tanked, so my spelling and grammar should be fine. I can't guarantee the content thought.

I escaped early, am home in my comparatively cooler house and ready to do some catch up gift blogging.

The final part of RoseRed's enormously generous bundle of gifts was a rather sizeable project bag in blue and grey (to hold the st**ked jacket).

It's absolutely a perfect size for the jacket. It's found a new home. Here's how it looks, all nestled inside.

Doesn't it just look like it's saying, 'Hey Bells, I'm here waiting - but no rush. Whenever you're ready'?

Also, Quilting Mick, had the kindness to think of Sean and his close encounter with the pointy end of a DPN. Look at what she made for me!

Michelle, I love it but I can confidently tell you that Sean and his bottom are most sincerely in debt to you.

Now, if you know of my dear friend Carol, who blogs over at Pins and Needles and is also part of Southern Summer of Socks, it would mean a great deal to me if you'd pop over and leave her a comment about her dad. Her dad has been unwell for a long, long time and is now in hospital and not doing great at all. Carol and her mum have been there with him since Wednesday morning and I'm really not sure how things are going to go. Christmas is an awful time to be with loved ones in hospital and it's hitting them all very hard. So if you know her, she's coming home for a little bit tomorrow and I think it'd be lovely to send her some warm thoughts. That'd be so nice.

In the meantime, I think it's time for another cold drink. I'll drink to all you cold folk up north, ok?