Saturday, 15 December 2007

Trees anyone?

This morning, we were incredibly busy in the garden.

A while ago, loads of little oak seedlings sprang up all through our compost. I had no idea our compost was so fertile! I'm never sure it looks right, just sitting there all kind of lumpy and dry looking. Obviously, we're doing something right.

A couple of hours and a lot of painstaking, careful digging later and we had 29 potted up oak seedlings.

Now, the obvious question you're bound to ask is, what the hell do we do with almost thirty oak trees?

Well, we're guessing a few of them won't survive the brutal Canberra heat over the next few months. We figure even if we get as few as ten, then we plant a few in our still largely empty back yard and give the rest of way. So, if you're in Canberra and find yourself looking at a gap in your yard (why do I always type yarn first when I mean to type yard?) that is screaming out for an oak tree, then you know where to find me!

And in other exciting (well, for me anyway) gardening news, I have a few other highlights.

Here are my first beans. Or bean.

An itty bitty little Lebanese Cucumber.

And the leeks I somehow forgot to harvest are flowering. It was worth leaving them in the ground for sights such as this one.

Over the last week I've received two very thrilling parcels in the mail. One, a surprise gift and the other, a swap package. I shall blog them soon but I can assure the generous givers that in the meantime, I am enjoying the contents very, very much.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a rare Saturday night at home alone to enjoy. And Clueless is on. I have never gotten over that movie. As if! ha ha