Monday, 24 December 2007

It's all about the food

We've been gorging ourselves here, and it's not even Christmas day yet - although we're about seven hours away.

Sean and I had our early Christmas meal for two yesterday and it was the most wonderful day. Preparations on Saturday almost went awry when weather like this hit and our garage flooded.

We got off lightly compared to some and preparations were soon back on track.

We started with salmon mousse and champagne rose cocktails.

Next came the yummiest glazed ham - I've never done one before and it turns out it's easy to make and even easier to eat! It's glazed with a Quince Paste glaze.

We ate it with the roast chicken which, unsurprisingly, does an excellent job of replacing turkey!

We spent the meal giggling about how much food I'd made - numerous side dishes, two sauces - vastly more food than you can actually fit on a plate. Lesson for next year - half the amount will do nicely.

After that, we exchanged gifts. Look what my lovely husband bought for me!

It's an ipod nano! My old ipod, which has been in long and faithful service, has been replaced. I feel so lucky!

After that, we spent the afternoon watching Sean's Christmas present - Veronica Mars on DVD - and drank red wine while I was knitting and reading my other Christmas present.

We finished with Honey and Raspberry Semifreddo (link provided at the request of Tinkingbell) which was just so delicious. I'll make that again!

I feel like it was a really special thing for us to do this. We may not have children but we are a family and we can do things just for us at christmas without feeling like we're 'making do'.

Finally, today I did some baking of things to take to Young tomorrow. More Christmas cupcakes, this time with an attempt at real looking leaves.

Lastly, little puddings, recipe courtesy of Kuka.

Decorations by Sean who walked through the kitchen and found himself tasked with chopping up glace cherries.

So, a few salads left to make for the visit to the inlaws tomorrow, and I'm done. I'm going to give myself a pedicure, open a bottle of something nice and sit. For hours.

Wishing everyone much happiness and fun and food and drink. Stay safe.