Wednesday, 26 December 2007


I read someone somewhere saying Boxing Day is the best day of the year. I'm starting to feel inclined to agree. All the duty is over. All the needing to be somewhere is over.

It's just a nice, quiet day with no obligations. Yesterday wasn't too bad. The drive out to Young is always pretty good - even better since they built a new road to replace the dodgy old one. We watched all the kids go crazy over their gifts. We ate a big, noisy meal and in the afternoon I fell asleep over my knitting. We got home around 10pm.

But I have to show you this. It's the most thoughtful gift from my sister, who I couldn't be with on Christmas Day. I love it when people really think about gifts and who does that better than sisters?

It's a cupcake tree! Fortunately I had some cupcakes I'd prepared earlier to demonstrate its usefulness! Thanks Delly! I love it.

For today, Sean and I will eat leftovers (he's making me ham and eggs as i write) and he'll work on perfecting coffee from the machine we were kindly and generously given yesterday by one of his brothers. How happy is Sean right now?

Now I plan to go and plant myself on the couch and not move, except for my hands with a few sticks at the ready.