Thursday, 20 December 2007

More cosy fun

Here is the tea cosy I made for my swap partner in the Ravelry tea cosy swap.

It was originally the pattern from Stitch n Bitch Nation - the Magic 8 Ball pattern, but it turned out too big for even my very large tea pot (which is odd, given my notoriously tight tension) and so I was going to trash it. But RoseRed, ideas genius that she is, suggested felting it. So I called on felting genius, Olivia, and what you see above is the result.

It's made from Patons Jet and has little crocheted flowers, made from a variety of sock yarns I had close to hand.

If you look closely you can see a bit of a pattern in the middle. I had originally knit some pictures into the pattern - a star on one side and large flower on the other but they were lost for the most part in the felting process.

I'm pretty happy with it. For the girls who were at SnB on Sunday who thought I was going to add i-cord to the cosy, I have to say, i-cord is a bitch to attach. I tried. After my long-held fear of i-chord, I figured out it was miraculously easy to make, but a nightmare to attach. The actual sewing on bit was ok, but I could not sew it on in a way that didn't look down right stupid and ugly. I tried. I cursed. I tried again. I swore vengeance on i-cord. Then I gave up and made the cute little flowers instead.

I only hope my non-teapot possessing swap partner likes it. She's American, living in Melbourne and soon returning state side (as she put it). So she'll have to buy herself a tea pot when she gets home (otherwise why else would you go in a tea cosy swap??)

One more day of work. Ok 1.5 days of work but really, who's going to count Monday when I'll turn up late, be the only member of team there and will be out of there by 12:30? On the homeward stretch now.