Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Tea cosy swap!

Over on Ravelry, in the Australian Knitters group, a fun (not so) little swap has been happening involving tea cosies. What's been amazing to see as they've all been rolling in is the amazing variety of cosies out there. So many clever and creative variations on essentially the idea of a hat shaped item for tea pots.

A week ago, mine arrived from down south, made by the very clever Kylie of Kgirlknits. I was thrilled to not only get some amazing stuff, but also to find out that my swap partner was someone I know! I know Kylie a bit through Southern Summer of Socks and the odd email and she's lovely, and quite obviously, she had a great pile of fun putting together some wonderful stuff for me.

For someone who has a variety of tea pots, I see now it was downright odd that I never made a tea cosy. Now I don't need one for my large pot because, as you can see, I have one!

If only photos were interactive, you would get to feel how squishy this beauty is. Its double thickness is one of its greatest virtues. The inside is a layer of garter stitch and as the outside is a thick and squishy stitch anyway, then the whole thing packs a pretty mean insulating punch!

Kylie, I am delighted to let you know that it keeps my tea hot for much longer! I'm sure when it's actually cold here, I'll feel the value of your lovely work even more.

As well as the cosy, Kylie also made me a fabulous DPN roll which included some very pretty stitch markers (not shown in photo).

How very timely, given my DPN management issues lately. I now have a cushion AND a roll and amazingly, they're both black so they match very well.

And, as if that weren't great enough, Kylie also made me a purple dishcloth which was put into immediate service.

And (seriously, the list just goes on) she also gave me some of my beloved patonyle in a colour I love.

Finally, there was a batch of goodies which Sean and I have been nibbling on for days, often enjoyed with a pot of Prince of Wales tea, a personal favourite.

So, swaps are fun and if you're wondering what I'm making for my swap partner, I'm about a day away from being able to put up a photo. I've had, shall we say, some creative issues with mine but am happy to report it's very nearly complete.

Thanks very much Kylie. Your bundle was a real treat and joy.