Saturday, 19 January 2008

Blue Day Knitting

Last night, Friday night, it was considerably cooler than it has been and it rained. It's still raining. My zucchinis are going berserk. I picked a 1kg (2.2lb) sample earlier!

Anyway, it seemed to me the perfect time to drag out the long suffering Steeked Jacket.

Since I last put it down in late September, I built it up in my head as a project I just couldn't finish. I thought the next steps sounded so scary and so I didn't touch it.

Yesterday morning, Sean told me he would love to see me wearing it in winter and said he would give me until April 1 to finish it or else he'd 'take action.' What that could mean I don't know.

What crimes or punishments can be committed in the name of abandoned knitting?

A few other people have also been gently prodding me, so I felt it was time to have another go. For a while, it's been living in the bag that RoseRed so kindly made for me/it.

It was cosy in its colour coordinated snuggly home.

But on a cold, rainy day, when we're watching the first season of Cold Feet (we never saw it in the 90s), and when I feel a bit blue anyway, it seems like the right time. I'm up to the shoulder decreases where you do either an SSK or a K2tog at each point where the body joins the arms. Easy knitting. Very, very easy knitting. Just go round and around. Very good blue day knitting.

To those who have prodded me, thanks. I needed it. And I'm feeling the love again. Everyone else who was part of this Steek Along has finished. Quite some time ago. It's just me brining up the rear, if you can say that about someone who has dragged on a project far longer than was ever intended.

But you know, things take as long as they take sometimes, right? And anyway, coordinator of the Steek Along, Julie, is currently working on an ambitious stranded project she abandoned for AGES! So I'm in good company.