Sunday, 6 January 2008

How to have fun

What you do is get on a bus right at the end of your two weeks' leave and go visit a friend. You can drive or fly, but you don't get hours of knitting time.

I sat and watched the morning sky turn from this:

To this:

All the while, working on this:

I'm happy to report the Forest Canopy shawl is, at attempt #3, going swimmingly.

RoseRed met me at Central and together we headed off for a lovely, relaxing day at her house.

Much time was spent gushing over each other's current projects, showing off latest purchases and squishing/fondling a range of oh so gorgeous skeins of sock yarn.

Then, I was in for a real treat. RoseRed, she of the Standard of Stash Systemisation, has a stash of alarming and admirable proportions. I can see why developing a system was necessary. Not only is it somewhat vast in quantity, it is also beautiful. Such colours, such luxury, such beauty. Antique dresser drawers lovingly crammed with bags of magnificent yarn. I was, as Miss Elizabeth Bennet might say, 'all astonishment.'

(Disclaimer: There are rumours circulating that when I shared a room with RoseRed's stash that night, I got to be on intimate terms with much of it. It's not true. I swear it. But the rumours persist nonetheless.)

Later that afternoon, after some Buffy and some Mr Darcy, we baked but that's a story to be told on Mouthfuls of Heaven.

In the evening, we dined out with Mr RoseRed who made for delightful company over pasta and a fine sav blanc followed by gelato.

All in all, a most splendid day, filled with the greatest felicity. Yes, we watched the last three episodes of Pride and Prejudice. Does it show?


Saturday was our play date with Shazmina Bendi and Brown Pants. Over coffee, snacks and later, champagne, we spent a fabulous day knitting or sewing, pouring over books and fabric and showing off our stuff. We wandered for a while through a retro fabric shop (where I began to think I might indeed like to learn to sew properly) and then dined at a Thai/Vietnamese eatery in Marrickville for lunch.

Guess what I had? Yes, good old Duck Noodle Soup, which I naturally photographed.

At the end of the day, RoseRed delivered me back to Central where my coach awaited. The visit was over and we mourned that it passed by in a flash of DPNs and sock yarn. I suspect it will not be the last. Thanks for having me RoseRed, and to Mr RoseRed for dinner and for not appearing to mind us taking over his living room.

Tomorrow, sadly, I return to work. How sad I am about this, but there's nothing to be done. It can't be avoided any longer. Sean and I have had two wonderful weeks. We've achieved a fair amount, relaxed a lot and generally been very, very happy.