Thursday, 3 January 2008

First bus out of town

Tomorrow morning, I will get a bus nice and early to Sydney.

For two days I get to hang out with a few good friends. Well, mostly RoseRed cos I'm staying at her house, but also some quality time spent in the good company of others.

I'm pretty excited about the bus trip. Sean will drop me off early in the morning and then I get three and a bit hours to knit, stare out the window and listen to an audiobook. Not a bad way to spend my last official day of leave, right?

Today wasn't too bad either - I had an excursion of the stash enhancing kind with Georgie. We both assured our watchful husbands we weren't going to buy wool on our trip to Spotlight. Not sure why George's husband should be concerned. Anyone got any ideas? ; And so we didn't buy wool. We bought cotton. Not a lot, just a little - well half a dozen balls or so (each). Tee hee. One day the boys will learn to be more specific.

Oh and a while ago, I bought some of Jejune's knitting art goodies from her cafe press store. I've been meaning to show them off.

Here, for your viewing pleasure is a calico bag (surprisingly sturdy and yet not harsh or scratchy). Love it! Also, a shiny new tile coaster.

Oops, look at that. The tile is the wrong way round! How did I miss that?

On my fridge, I have one of her paintings as a magnet.

I think I will take the tile coaster to work. If I can't knit at work, I at least want to have things around me that look nice and make me feel close to some good stuff.

See you all in a couple of days!