Sunday, 27 January 2008

Knitting On the Road

On Friday, the delightful RoseRed came to visit from Sydney.

She was always going to come and visit on the Australia Day long weekend, but at some point we figured out a very cool plan. Her next stop from Canberra would be a little place called Jamberoo. As it happened, our dear George was also thinking of visiting a friend in the same town and so it became glaringly obvious that a mini road trip was absolutely essential.

So, on Friday, when RoseRed arrived, I collected her from the bus and what followed was an afternoon of yarn whoredom, as Ms Happy Spider might say. We went to BOTH Cassidy's stores and the Shearing Shed and at all stops, yarn was purchased (because, you know, we both need more stash).

At some point in the afternoon, a decision was made that we ought to rename stash. For those of you not familiar with the astoundingly, mind blowingly incredible bout of yarn purchasing that George undertook a couple of months ago, check it out. You've never seen anything like it and the story has taken on legendary status. (Sorry George - we can't let it drop. We just can't.)

As a result (ok, if you didn't check the link I'll tell you - our George bought close to 300 balls of yarn in a $2 sale), RoseRed and I decided that a yarn stash should henceforth be known as George.

Doesn't it just make perfect sense? Think of the possibilities - you can go shopping for George; you can engage in George management; you can go George diving for that elusive, longed for skein. The possibilities are endless.

And no, we hadn't drunk ALL the champagne when we arrived at that decision. Or maybe we had. Who can remember?

I think that more or less sums up RoseRed's visit. When Sean went out to buy more wine on Friday night, I don't think he was doing it for any other reason than to get away from us for 20 minutes or so. Can't imagine why.....

This is the only photo I took that whole day!

George arrived bright and early and the band of three headed off to Wollongong where we met up with Donni and Kylie.

Donni provided delightful treats on arrival at her beautiful home.

Her morning tea table included delicate crocheted napkins which Donni informed us were inherited. It struck me as a fabulous idea and I plan to make some of my own. Photo provided here as both a reminder and just because they're pretty.

From there we headed to lunch where we ate, drank and hid from the Australia Day morons (see Bogans) who paraded up and down the street in a state of near undress, carrying slabs of beer and shouting 'Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!' like the completely mindless dickheads they were. Who'd have thought a national holiday could bring out the worst in people?

We are such a classy nation.

The day came to an end, sadly. RoseRed was deposited at her friend's house and down the road, I camped out at the house of George's friend because the idea of driving home alone for 2.5 hours when I was tired and frankly, still a little fragile from the night before with RoseRed, seemed suddenly unwise. I was very grateful for the generosity of George's friend for letting me crash.

This morning I drove home alone up the beautiful, thrilling and incredibly green Mount Keira (thanks for the directions George - worked a treat!). Please forgive the absence of scenic photos. It was kind of important to focus on the hairpin bends in the road! But I did stop at the lookout on top of the mountain and tried to capture something of the stunning beauty of the valley I'd just left.

I made it home in one piece to find Sean managed just fine without me (I never really doubted it) and grateful for the company of wonderful friends. Honestly, it just couldn't be better. And tomorrow, Monday, is a public holiday in lieu of the fact that Australia Day fell on a Saturday. What's not to love, even if the weekend did bring out the morons.