Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Managing the steek

Yesterday, I had lunch with a few other knitting pals who all work in the city and at some point, we were discussing my steeked jacket.
Repeat photo included for reference.

I believe it was Quilting Mick who declared, 'Let's project manage the steeked jacket!'
Oh yes, we are all public servants. Can you tell?

We didn't get down to much project management as such, but it got me thinking, especially last night when it was still over 30 degrees (or 86 degrees F) and all I could manage was finishing off a cotton dishcloth. There are times when I resent our determination NOT to have air con in the home.

The steeked jacket would be so much more manageable in an air conditioned house in summer, wouldn't it? The sweat was running down my body in rivulets as it was. Imagine if I'd had all that heavy, heavy stranded knitting on my legs? Ugh. It doesn't bear thinking about.

So, here's what I was thinking.

I'm an early bird (unless I'm being ask to get up for something I don't want to do, like work). So perhaps what I ought to do is provide added incentive for myself to get out of bed on a weekday and set aside time in the cool of the morning to enjoy a pot of tea and get a round or two of the jacket done. Seriously, now that i'm decreasing the neck and shoulders at a rate of knots, making it through a full round is taking less and less time each day.

This might have the added benefit of Sean getting up too and going for his walks or doing more digging or whatever. Well, maybe.

I'm determined not to lose momentum on this now that I've picked it up again. It can't happen. I've learned to love it again and am only inches away from the BIG CUT. I'm feeling braver by the stitch.

I may not get up early every single week day morning, but at least a few mornings a week should help, and also free me up from the bitterness I feel on an oppressively hot night when I can't stand to touch it.

Oh and if you're at all interested in seeing some photos from the weekend gathering in Wollongong, head over to Kylie's blog and laugh yourself silly at us. I need to say right now that the photo in which I am apparently clutching my head in a state of hungover misery is actually a moment when I am on my mobile and reaching for something in my bag.

It's probably more fun to think I'm miserably hungover though - which I was, but just not as badly as it looks!