Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Triangular Shawls

If you've made the Forest Canopy shawl, or something like it, a triangular shaped shawl, I'm curious to get some thoughts on it.

Or even if you haven't, and you're inclined to give this some thought, I'd be interested to know the answer.

With this shawl, you start from five stitches and work up to 195 stitches, increasing by four on every second row on an 8 row repeat.

The yarn I'm using is the same weight as the pattern specifies but the yardage is slightly longer. Not a lot, but enough that I knew I was going to be able to make it a little bigger by maybe one repeat.

It's also supposed to be knit on 5mm needles. I'm doing 4mm because I quite like a finer gauge in nearly all projects and because I have an addi turbo lace needle in that size.

I'm probably about half way through the skein of Cherry Tree Hill and have long since passed the 195 stitch count. It's not awfully big yet.

Now I know I'm by nature a tighter knitter, but this seems incredible, that I have so much yarn left, more stitches than required and that it's all going well. No mistakes. The pattern is growing at the right rate. It's the right shape.

Can going down just one whole needle size really make such a difference?

I don't have a problem with it. I'm happy for it to be bigger than the pattern specifies and will keep plodding along. I just can't imagine how this is happening. It's like Cherry Tree Hill is the yarn that just keeps going.