Thursday, 10 January 2008

Home movies and the shawl

Yesterday at lunch time, Adele and her family stopped in Canberra for lunch on their way back from a holiday in the Snowy Mountains. I couldn't resist the opportunity to try out a new trick. This is Will at the playground in Glebe Park. Excuse the sound of me barking orders at him to perform for the camera!

Isn't he lovely?

And thank you so much for all the input on the shawl issue yesterday. It was very much appreciated! I really don't have a problem with it being bigger. I was just trying to find out why it was working out to be so radically different. Amy asked for more pictures. Here's the best one I could get last night. I left it too late to get a picture in good daylight. So this is a dusk photo of the shawl spread across a white cushion.

I just can't wait to block it!

I took Happy Spider's advice and started weighing the ball of yarn every row or two. I'm using about a gram per row at the moment, with just 29g left out of 100g as of late last night. Not long to go now!