Sunday, 24 February 2008

I worked my fingers to the bone

At just a little before 3pm today, all knitting of the Steeked Jacket was complete. As I reached the final bound off stitch, I made Sean pause the DVD and watch me as I snipped the yarn, drew it through the very last stitch, and tossed the 120cm circular needle across the room.

I cheered.

Sean requested that I model it, even though it's nowhere near wearable yet. But wear it I did and we both, I believe, sighed with relief and thought how lovely it's going to look when it's finally done.

During the week, I need to sew the hems and tidy up loose ends. It'll be washed and blocked and next weekend, I'll present it as complete. Until then, just take my word for it.

The Steeked Jacket is done and I have the sore fingers and shoulders as testament to the huge effort I put in this weekend.

We shall not mention the mishap. Oh, ok, we will. What the hell. Look at this.

At the top of the steek, things went awry. I almost threw it across the room (wouldn't be the first time). I've secured it down and while it's all inside the jacket, and I'm hopeful it's ok, I wish it hadn't happened. The near perfect steek moved a little further away from that state and I wish I knew what I'd done wrong. Still, Julie assures me it'll felt in time.

So, that's it. I'll do the proper write up with photos next weekend. Hope you can all contain your excitement. ;-)

I'm off to have roast lamb and a celebratory shiraz. I'll be contemplating my life in a post-steek world.